Sunday, February 13, 2005


Good progress was made yesterday on the bedroom painting. I finished the first coat and it looks pretty good. I'll attempt a second coat sometime later on.

Today I'm going to try to install the kitchen counter top. "Try" being the key word. This is going to require some cutting for the sink and then attaching it to the new cabinets. Good thing I have my new tool that I bought just for the job! RRR. The new skill saw with the lazer beam light to guide me along the line. Wowzie is that thing sweet.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dust Bunnies

Many people think that the cockroach will inherit the earth when humans no longer cease to be here. Well I'll tell you this, after moving furniture around in my bedroom to paint, I believe it will be Dust Bunnies that will rule. Otay, maybe I better clean more?

Just a thought


The Money Pit

Day one: I've owned the money pit for about 5 years now. A lot of work has been done on the property outside with regards to landscaping and removing years of over grown brush. Owning the money pit has allowed me to expand on my collection of tools and toys. As Tim Allen would say: AR AR AR.........Moreeeeee power. (chain saw, wood chipper, tractor, and many power tools for indoors)

Work that I have accomplished to date inside. Fully restoring one bedroom with new sheetrock and insulation and more electricial power. RRR In removing the old plaster, which wasn't that hard to begin with because it was already falling down. I had discovered an old letter that must have fallen from the attic into the wall. The letter, which was in a state of decay after being in the wall for 114 years, had writing that was still visible. The letter was clearly dated from the 1800's and its place of origin was also stated. All attempts to piece the letter failed. It was stored in a plastic bag for possible later assembly attempts.

At present the kitchen is a big focus of improvement. After a brief visit by some bugs called mealy moths, which could not be erradicated. I decided the old cabinets must go. Out came the hammers and prybars, (RRR) and the old cabinets were banished to the outdoors. This did get me an excuse to by a new tool. (hehe) New cabinets are currently being installed with insulation in the walls. Progress is slow because of the staggering cost of cabinets. How can a kitchen cost so much I wonder??? LOL My new counter top, purchased from Home Depot was almost ready to go in, but I detected a slight warping in it. Wish I could bring it back, but I've already cut it to size. At present the counter top is upside down on the floor with an 80 lb bag of road salt on it, in an attempt to get ride of the bow. Looks like its working!

Today's project will be finish painting the master bedroom. I've done the cutting in with the paint and now its time for the roller action. I guess I better put my clothes away before I continue to paint. Putting them inside the dressers might be a good idea instead of having them in folded piles on the top? LOL But having them on the top allows for easy access to see what to wear for the day. I guess I should put them away, because I'm sure when I slide the dressers away from the wall, some will fall on the floor and then I'll toss them on the bed and there they will stay till sleep time. LOL Then I'll grab them and toss them on the dresser in a semi folded pile.

Well its time to begin the weekend. Spring is just around the corner.